We have more than 10 Assays Laboratories  in Latin America giving us the possibilities to value the materials quickly in the different cities helping us to take timely decisions as the market needs them. Together with our sampling method, the analysis in Thermo Niton XRF Analizer equipment we can quickly know the metal content of the different batches of materials.


In our different sampling plants we have reception, reduction and representative sampling methodologies. Once homogenized the materials are taken randomly 1/16 parts or 6.25% as a sample to send to the laboratory. This quantity and sampling method guarantees us a very high accuracy in the results and surpassing the market standard.

Collection or Reception

We have Collection Centers in several countries in Latin America or care staff for home visits. Additionally we can receive dispatches at our sampling plant in the City of Miami.

Fast payment

Once the material has been sampled and analysed, an offer is made according to market conditions and logistics costs, which the supplier is in a position to accept or reject. Payment is made on the same day for materials arriving in the morning.

Best prices

Prices are based on the metal content , the place of delivery and Volume.

Lot size

We do not have minimum lots, we can sample and pay from 1 kg to the amounts that are. Personalized attention we do not have minimum required. Send us quickly and you can learn about our services. You no longer have to collect 1000 kg or pieces to receive a content-based rating. Sitekol Solutions is a company that offers a unique service in the industry where you don’t have to be a big collector to start your business and receive payments based on real content.

Shipping solutions

Our logistics department can help you get fast and economical shipping services to our main plants.

Personal attention

A Service Advisor will be assigned to assist you in the process of linking, logistics and payments. Which will make visits where we seek to know your requirements to help you grow.

Sitekol Solutions promises to help you grow in this Precious Metal Recycling Market. No matter the size of the lot we offer a fast service for your needs because we know that in this business speed is what counts.

Our founder Juan Pablo Méndez Arévalo begins in Bogotá, Colombia the Sitekol Group since 2001 and has a presence in more than 10 Latin American countries. Our Partnerships with Smelters (Smelters) have allowed us to develop a sustainable business during all these years, seeking to improve day by day to offer competitive services in the market. The different Country Manager who carry out the day to day management are our main value of them depends our operation and regional presence building all together an international group that grows every year.