Our company has a pilot plant for smelting and recovery of PGM (Platinum, palladium and Rhodium) present in the catalysts, where different types of materials are processed daily. Our technology was developed by our staff after 4 years of research and development obtaining the knowledge to recover up to 99% of the metals present in the catalysts. Becoming Pioneers in Latin America to own this technology.

Pilot Plant Electrostatic Separation

In the city of Miami our company after 30 months of research was developed and built a plant for the separation of metals contained in electronic circuits using Outokumpu Technology technology , world leader in mineral separation . Our plant has an installed capacity to process more than 3000 tons of electronic circuits annually with a recovery efficiency of more than 98%.

Sitekol offers laboratory services for the analysis of precious metals present in catalysts, electronic cards and mineral samples. X-ray Analysis: We have a Niton XRF Analyzer with special calibration for catalysts with platinum content with a precision of 0.01%. Analysis on fire: Our laboratory analyzes small samples on fire where we extract with very high precision the totality of the precious metals present in the sample and then are weighed on a precision analytical balance 0.00001gr.

Our founder Juan Pablo Méndez Arévalo begins in Bogotá, Colombia the Sitekol Group since 2001 and has a presence in more than 10 Latin American countries. Our Partnerships with Smelters (Smelters) have allowed us to develop a sustainable business during all these years, seeking to improve day by day to offer competitive services in the market. The different Country Manager who carry out the day to day management are our main value of them depends our operation and regional presence building all together an international group that grows every year.